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Catching API bugs and edge cases early is the key to future stability

Different layer in a dev environment with edge casesOverloaded with configNext-gen tech

Bugs are inevitable

Tedious configuration

Next-gen API monitoring

Each line of code has the potential to have a bug that leads to serious API issues. There are billions of aspects that could lead to bugs, issues, edge cases, instability, data corruption and downtime. The whole technology stack is involved; from infrastructure to regular code typos.

Humans are not able to predict all possible edge cases and anomaly scenarios. Today API monitoring often requires extensive manual configuration for the testing logic. Manual configuration is time consuming and also a source of misconfiguration, resulting in instability and bugs.

CuriousGraph uses intelligent algorithms, advanced statistics and machine learning models to discover API issues, bugs and edge cases in real time. We do the heavy lifting with minimum configuration, and is your plan before issues happen.

CuriousGraph gives an effective and healthy feedback loop between developers, DevOps and SREs

CuriousGraph puts developers, DevOps and SREs in the same virtual room by working together as a team in the same dashboard, sustaining both your company agility and stability. Through aligning the incentives between developers, DevOps and SREs, software can be delivered safer, faster and more predictable.

Developers are part of the puzzleCuriousGraph is the solution to the puzzleDev-ops are part of the puzzle

CuriousGraph enables developers to focus on issue tickets and agility …

… and DevOps / SREs to focus on stability.

CuriousGraph fit into the API mesh

Internal APIs + external APIs
= API mesh

API-fication of the internet and the adoption of cloud providers, software is increasingly consumed and distributed through APIs. The API economy opens up endless possibilities, but at the same time it introduces endless third parties into the mix.

Leveraging third-party software through APIs gives your company the freedom to focus on your core competencies. However, when your system connects to multiple APIs, it is challenging to identify which API is the root cause of your system’s instability.

Your company is part of the API mesh. Stable and reliable infrastructure is more important than ever before. CuriousGraph identifies and determines the root cause of internal and external API related issues.

Global API monitoring platform - infinite scalability, massive concurrency and high availability

World map
Scalability markers on the world map

Infinite scalability to scale the monitoring volume with your company’s requirements.

Concurrency markers on the world map

Massive concurrency for global real time parallel monitoring.

Availability markers on the world map

Globally distributed locations for maximum real life simulations.

Security at the core

Law, regulations and internet privacy are very important aspects of the internet today.
Security is the core component in this matter.

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We are a privacy-first company when it comes to fulfilling our customers expectations.


CuriousGraph runs on systems which are compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3.


CuriousGraph uses an external fully-managed cloud-hosted key management service with automatic frequent cryptographic keys rotation.